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Dogs of War
 Mod Name:  Dogs of War (DoW)
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 Last Update:  Apr 1, 2012
 Description:  After a long wait, and an even longer time making this mod, I am happy to say that V1.0 is finally released! So, what can you expect to find in this mod? New sounds and effects! Nearly all sounds and effects have been edited. The gameplay has been drastically modded as well. Also, not just are the existing sounds/effects edited, I've created new ones, and spliced those into the game (like, pistol bullet impact effects, and snow materials). Many other special material settings and sound template edits have also been made. The HUD has also been edited a bit to minimalize it some. I've included the maps, Aberdeen, Battleaxe, Bizerte, City Park, Invasion of the Coral Sea, Iwo Jima, Kasserine Pass, Operation fox, Snowy Park, Telemark, Sunset in Tunisia, Supercharge, Tunisia, Urban Decay, and Urban Jungle. You can always add more yourself if you want more.... This is a 100% SP focused mod, with no attention given at all to human Vs human fights. If you're looking for a MP mod, keep looking.

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 Custom Archive Maps for DoW
 Map Name   Download   Map/AI Author   Added Date 
Operation Fox V2  Download (52 MBs)    imtheheadhunter   May 31, 2013