Operation Dead Dawn
 Mod Name:  Operation Dead Dawn (OPDD)
 Mod Website:  http://www.moddb.com/mods/operation-dead-dawn
 More Info:  http://www.moddb.com/mods/operation-dead-dawn/d...
 Last Update:  Nov 30, 2009
 Description:  The world's nations unite abruptly to combat a much larger problem... During the raging war between the USMC and the MEC/China alliance towns and buildings were destroyed. One such building was a research facility containing unknown chemicals working to develop a secret weapon. When a tactical air strike struck the building beside it, experimental failures were propelled into the ventilation shaft; apparently killing everyone inside. Not so. A day into the burial of the former scientists, a body began to twitch. Medics were immediately called in to tend to the man, however they soon took his place in the shallow grave. Corpses rose throughout the burial grounds, their brains irreversibly damaged by the very chemicals they had worked so hard to synthesize. The airborne vapors had killed off most of the victims' skin, causing it to rot whilst they were still alive. Their nerve endings were severed; they feel no pain, they can only revert to the most primal of motives; food.

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