Hard Justice
 Mod Name:  Hard Justice (BF2-HJ)
 Mod Website:  http://www.wccsquad.com
 Latest Version:  v1.3b - Download (140 MBs)
 Last Update:  Oct 28, 2009
 Description:  With a new emphasis on team play and tactics, you and your friends can tackle numerous bots on both standard BF 2 maps and custom maps. These include several popular conquest maps ported over for the mod and enabled for bot slaying potential.

Also new maps include new vehicles and armament like the beloved "Little bird", "Comanche", and "Gazelle" first introduced in a beta mod called WCC 1.0. With these new additions come reworked physics for existing BF 2 vehicles. Examples of these new physics would be increasing the overall speed of armor, and increasing agility in some of the attack helicopters. In addition a new view and distance for the "TV guided" missiles armed on all attack helicopters, with an increase in rate of fire.

One major change also would reside with the Attack Fixed wing aircraft (F-35, F-18, J-10, and MIG-29) having guided Maverick/Kedge missiles in which distance to target and enemy lock is more accurate to avoid friendly fire incidents (but not to say it won't still happen, he-he).

Not all maps will include vehicles, some will emphasize infantry tactics to save you and your friend's from the menacing numbers of bots. Infantry kits have been re-engineered for a more expanded use, for example the medic is equiped with an assault rifle and a grenade launcher, while the Spec Ops kit comes equipped with explosive tipped arrows for the cross bow.

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 Latest Mod Version
 Latest Version:  v1.3b - Download (140 MBs)
 Added Date:  2006-06-15 02:00:00
 Version Description:  WCCSQUAD.COM Is proud to announce the release of this patch for the Hard Justice Mod's MapPacks 1 & 2. This is the only patch needed now, as the fixes that were need for the various maps have been put in a single patch to make it easier.


*The issue of crashing to desktop when using the vehicle drop on some maps has been fixed.
*Fixed the maps to be compatible with the 1.3 patch. (gpm_coop added)

Zhanjiang Security Area --------- Fixed
- Map by khrimson
- SP support by khrimson
- Recoded by [WCC]Ziggy for Hard Justice mod

Insurgency on Alcatraz Island --------- Fixed
- Map by AlphaMRE
- SP support by karate hand
- Recoded by [WCC]Ziggy for Hard Justice mod

Bl_bridge2b --------- Fixed
- Map by BadLizzard
- SP support by karate hand
- Recoded by [WCC]Ziggy for Hard Justice mod

Divided City --------- Fixed
- Map by JONES
- SP support by JONES
- Recoded by [WCC]Ziggy for Hard Justice mod

El Alamein Day1 --------- Fixed
- Map by Burnsi
- SP support by Burnsi
- Modified by [WCC]Sirsmok@lot for Hard Justice Mod - Debug by [WCC]Ziggy

Un-zip the file using winzip (do not use winrar), and then run the exe file:

That's it, and all of us at WCCSQUAD.COM hope you enjoy the Hard Justice Mod.
 All Archive Mod Versions
 Version:  v1.1f - Download (.171 MBs)
 Added Date: 
 Version Description:  Full support for large maps
Fixed the 4 air plaines with the mouse scroll crash
Fixed the flight of all helo's
Woodland texture for the rah66a
Fixed coop to support the 1.3 patch
SA7 stinger now completed and fully functional
 Version:  v1.c - Download (.320 MBs)
 Added Date: 
 Version Description:  Welcome to "Hard Justice." Payback v1.0
Custom Mod for Battlefield 2 Mod
Authors: Ziggy / RadarOReilly / Cambo / Ut-Oh

Here's the change list:

Handheld Weapons ----
- Accuracy and power increased
- Extra zoom added for scopes
- Improved range and explosion effects for C4, grenades, claymore
- Increased damage Stationary Weapons
- Increased power & accuracy
- Increased damage
- Increased lock-on range and ammo for

Anti Air ----------------
- Faster reload and lock time

Land Vehicles ----------------
- Increased armor
- Increased damage
- Increased ammo
- Muzzle flash effects changed

Air Vehicles ------------
- Fighters Replaced bombs with AGM65 Maverick / KH29 Kedge Laser Guided Lock-On Missiles

Missiles / Bombs / Rockets --------------------------
- Increased damage and radius
- Reduced lock-on time
- Increased lock-on range
- TV guided reduced speed, increased range

Soldiers --------
- Increased run stamina
- Reduced refresh time for stamina Kits
- Spec Ops: Increased C4
- Sniper:

Increased Claymores Effects -------
- More flash fire and smoke added to effects

Maps ----
- Added & replaced air and land vehicles
- 9 maps have NavMeshs enlarged by
- NavMeshs by Clivewil Daqing_oilfields Dragon_Valley Zatar_Wetlands Gulf_of_Oman
- NavMeshs by Kysterama Dalian_plant Sharqi_Peninsula Strike_at_Karkand Songhua_Stalemate
- NavMeshs by RadarOReilly Mashtuur_City Wake_Island_2007 Operation_Clean_Sweep
- New Map by RadarOReilly Basrah Lost_Island

Added to mod by Cambo -------------
- New Vehicles & Weapons models made and textured by Cambo
- New vehicles added - ah6c, ah6j ah6c - No weapons only 5 passengers ah6j - Hydra rockets, Mini guns
- Sa342a, Sa342f Sa342a - Hydra rockets,Mini guns Sa342f - No weapons 3 passengers
- Rah66a - Pilot Hydra rockets, Stingers - Gunner Big machine gun, Hellfires
- Kobra Driver & Top gunner 50. cal Browning
- M270 (mlrs) Driver & Missile pod
- Tos-1 (Kamchatka Buratino)
- Handheld Weapon SA7 Stinger Launcher

Added to mod by RadarOReilly ----------
- Stationary Objects Added Health Box Added Repair Box Added Ammo Box
 Custom Archive Maps for BF2-HJ
 Map Name   Download   Map/AI Author   Added Date 
Hard Justice Map Pack #1  Download (208 MBs)    Anonymous   May 5, 2006 
Hard Justice Map Pack #1 Patch  Download (15 MBs)    WCC Mod Team   Jun 3, 2006 
Hard Justice Map Pack #2  Download (213 MBs)    Anonymous   May 5, 2006 
Hard Justice Map Pack #2 Patch  Download (20 MBs)    WCC Mod Team   Jun 3, 2006