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BF2 OMS V4.0 Mod,Night Headlights mod released.
post Nov 21 2016, 01:10 AM
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o==ll;;;;;;;;;> BF2 OMS V4.0 Final Mod

The OMS4 Final Mod which includ Zombie World Mod,Night Headlights Mod and Training Mod now has been released.
OMS4 Mod is included in the BF2 Special Forces.

Installation :
First, You require installation for Battlefield2 v1.5 before playing the OMS V4.0 Mod.
Then, You need below OMS4 Mod files,
and just extract these files into C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods
and then,you need to put the mappack(levels) files,just extract the OMS4 Mappack files into
C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\OMS4
Done,now play the mod!
-OMS V4.0 Mod
-OMS V4.0 Mod Mappack

OMS4 NIGHT Headlights MOD:
The BF2 OMSv4.0 mod is a parent mod for OMS4 NIGHT Mod so,
you require installation for Battlefield2 v1.5 and OMS V4.0 Mod before playing the OMS4 Night Mod.
You need below OMS4 Night Mod files that include a map files.
Then just put these files above same way into C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods
Night Vision button is keyboard 8 only in playing night mod.(PickupKits is keyboard 6 button.)
-OMS4NightBF2 Mod
-OMS4NightSF Mod

Change log:
Headlights mod Added.

Credits :
ESAI v4.2, ESAI Infantry by Void
Zombies and Monkeys by YAKE.
Scope shader - by bad_santa
HealRefill pack - by round300k
Special Force Mod - by EA DICE

- map -
Bataan - Author: imtheheadhunter
Bizerte - Author: imtheheadhunter & pacman28 (KI)
Carpathian_Mountains - by Frosty98B
Survivals - Autor: JONES, 2009(I renamed the "Crossfire" map to "Survivals" map)
Terminus - a bf2 map by TheDark - map resize,renewal by round300k.
Winter_Wake_Island - Autor: Dan9of9
Trail,basra_p4f,strike_at_karkand_p4f - porting on P4F by
Iron_Gator - ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "StrykerJ"
Iraq_Oilfields- Author: Michael "michi.be" Betke
Strike_at_Daquq - Map by LuigiMcOwnage,Bot support by EzPiKnZ
Urban_Decay - ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "Sturm_Tiger"
Gulf_of_Oman under the Full Moon - remap by round300k
kubra_dam - EA DICE remap by roud300k
FuShe_Pass,Sharqi_Peninsula - remap by roud300k
Basrahs_Edge_BFDS - [BFDS]Alpha
Crash - radeexpitheta
Devils_Perch_Day - armandoma
arena,goods_station,hangar04_2006,street - spfreak
Harvest - _TrueSpirit
Kirkuk_basin - TheDark
Operation_Hydra - spartan117gw
sniper_valley_ii - Coronaextra
Snowy_Park_Day - imtheheadhunter,EzPiKnZ
Strike_at_Karkand_Night - RockstarCjvr
town_strike,Vacant - JONES
TVillage - Amokzz
warlords_perch - marko
night mod remap - round300k

- weapons -
Dual deserteagles chrome,deserteagle_chrome - by SatNav
M40A3 - by SatNav,re-animations by EnemySniper.
usp chrome,binoculars,spas12 shotgun- by REQUIN94(battlefield-solo team)
rurif_aksu74,rurif_aksu74_aimpoint - by REQUIN94.
Timed_C4 - Auteur : Silverballer & Joledingue
usrif_hk416_sd - by REQUIN94*
Rambo3 knife,Javelin - by SatNav
uspis_kimber,uspis_glock18C,isrpis_deagle - battlefield-solo team
bfr_m16a4_iron,m4a1 - battlefield-solo team
m16a2,m4,l96a1 re-animation by EnemySniper.
m95 barret - BF:BC2 style re-animation by chad509.
M82A1 - re-animation by m.combat,skin by JONSE.
RPK74 - re-animation by EnemySniper.
F2000,F2000SS - porting MOH2010 F2000 by GlebCLOSE.
M4A2,M4A3 - by EnemySniper.
aug_a3 - Eversmen**,skin by LaGNeVeRFaiLs,firing shot sound by round300k.
usrif_barret_M98B - Develop013
rurif_SV98 - Develop013.
rif_codm4m203 - MasterChiefRulZ.
AR_AK47M, BF4_M98B, MG_M60_Acog, mg_m240, MG_RPK74M, RU_RIF_A91M, rumg_pkm,
SCAR_H, SMAW_BF3, Flamethrower and ussni_m98b,BF4_L96_V2,GB_RIF_L85A3 - by EUWIN
BF4_M416N - BF2?DR?PDEAD,zoom scope texture fixed,reloading sound modifed by round300k.
MG_Pecheneg,rurif_svu -
Groza_1 - Anims by Eversmen, Import by Demon_from_pripyat,Model and textures by DICE
SG_USAS12 - ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "Asus-K45VJ"
bf3_defibrillator - ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "Asus-K45VJ"
Glock17 - Tigg,Eversmen
pistol_m1911,PISTOL_p226,pistol_fn57 - Develop013.
Obscures_HD_USMC_Textures_V1 - TheObscure
JNG-90 - by BF2-EUFORI**,perfect fix by round300k
bf4_sv98 - PONYSAURUS_REX,Develop013, Chuc
at_rpg7 - EA,DICE's P4F,ported by bobthedinosaur,reloading sound by round300k.
bf4_type95b_coyote,bf4_type95b_hd33 - PONYSAURUS_REX,EnemySniper & Chuc,Eversmen
ARX-160_Reskins - Develop013,BF2 Hunters
sr_m95 - DEVELOP013
RIP_CheyTac_M200 - DEVELOP013
Medic_Bag_Ammo_Bag_Medic_Pack - Emiliomau & PONYSAURUS_REX,Chuc

- Vehicles -
OerlikonAA & RH202 - by SatNav
BF2 P4F HUD,BFPF_Fix - Emiliomau,ineffably_holy
BF3 dirtbike - SatNav
BF3 BTR90,LAV25 - EmilioMau

An extra information :
The OMS4 NIGHT Mod use BF2 Special Force's contents.
So starting this OMS4 NIGHT Mod, it will make shader files.
If you have some graphic problems delete this folder.
It dosen't matter.
Because this shader folder will make automatically when starting BF2 Mod.
The directory is generally :
C:\Users\yourPC\Documents\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2 or xpack.

- BF2 OMS V4.0 Mod -
I finally successfully have solved the problems of unstable graphic shader in playing night mod.
Sometimes the OMS4 mod can be crash out in playing game,but that's ok.
Just restart the game it will fine.I'm not a professinal.biggrin.gif
I think the reason are unmatched NavMesh and using the wrong weapons of Bots.
And really thanks for whole developing and porting the nice weapons for bf2 mod.
Try it for playing mod.Enjoy your game!

Download here :
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