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HTroop v1.0b81 (Mini-Mod For Bf1942) has finally been released. Download it from my forum, at:


I am also seeking a server owner, willing to run HTroop v1.0b81, on their server.
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My name is Joshua Hales (also known as Professor Smith in the Bf1942 Forums). I have been modding/editing/game designing PC Games for the last 19 Years of my life. When Battlefield 1942 (a World War II first person shooter game) was released in 2002, I played it every chance I had. It inspired me to make my own map using Battlecraft 42, called The_Tower. I put as much as I had into The_Tower, but when I was done, I wanted to be able to change more. The soldier's jumping was too weak, the tanks were destroyed in one or two shots, most would drown in the water before making it to shore, and shooting a soldier in places that would kill someone in real life, took 2 or 3 shots just to kill them. I wanted to create a modification for Battlefield 1942 that would be like the old Arcade Games a lot of us gamers used to play. My vision included extended combat and more cinematic effects.
For 3 years, I taught myself how to mod/edit, through trial and error. I would change one small thing, repack the .rfa file, start the game, & test it out; write down notes. I found a whole bunch of amazing mods out there, from which I started creating HTroop, Mini-Mod for Battlefield 1942. Over the next 9 years after that, I had 3 computer crashes, and had to start HTroop almost from scratch each time. Over the 12 years of making HTroop, I have put more than 32,000 Hours of Game Design time into perfecting HTroop, and I'm still going, but I promised myself and others I would have the Beta Version released by 2014, and I keep my promises. I went through a lot of trials and tribulations with HTroop over the last 12 years, and all to entertain others. I have always been a bit of a perfectionist, and never had anyone else offering to help me mod, except for my fiancÚ Jamie, My Warrior Queen, during the last 5 years. What I did have, was friends graciously willing to help me play test HTroop, and I dearly thank them all for more of a decade of their patience.
HTroop is not only for simple entertainment and gamers, but for veterans and others that still crave the heat of battle, but lack the desire to spill anymore blood. We continue to waste our time, our resources, and most importantly, the lives of our soldiers, in actual war, when we could be using games such as Battlefield 1942, and mods such as HTroop to satisfy bloodlust, to settle disagreements, and to end wars? Perhaps someday, someone will replace war altogether, with realistic war games for everyone, not only the military. If ever the true need for action would ever occur (such as another dictator out for world domination), at least everyone that takes part in said activities, would be ready. From the various poets and authors, Commanders and Chiefs, comes the eye witness accounts attributed the loss and the savageness of war. I am by no means, criticizing the military, nor am I saying that Military actions such as joining the Allied movement against the Axis in WWII, were not required. However, the loss of life could have been decreased immensely in any war, if everyone were to focus their energy on the advancement of this world and its civilization, replacing actual war with competitive live action skirmish combat and role play.
It is true, I am biased toward HTroop because of how much work and devotion I have put into its creation over the 12 years so far. However, I can confidently say that HTroop is not perfect. The detail put into the other mods from which the material was used to help make HTroop, is absolutely superb. I can only hope someday to achieve the level of expertise as the ladies and gentlemen that make up the modding teams of: Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: The Road to Rome, Battlefield: Secret Weapons of World War II, Forgotten Hope, Eve of Destruction: The Indochina Vietnam Conflict, The Great War, Parallel World, Battlefield Pirates, Desert Combat, Desert Combat Final,
and Silent Heroes.
The lack of change logs in the readme file, are due to the various restarts of HTroop I had to do when my former computer crashed. From that point on, I always felt so behind, that I rarely kept a change long. This was also due to the fact that I was changing 1 position or other number, by 1 digit sometimes (and sometimes less that that), tens, perhaps hundreds of times throughout a day, to get it just right. Sure, I can randomly list off a myriad of things that are different about HTroop than vanilla Bf1942, or even other mods. However to truly understand the marvel of HTroop, you must simply play it, and explore for yourself. While playing the Beta version of HTroop (v1.0b5), if you wish to record every change that you personally notice, I will of course be willing to mention you in the credits as a playtester, and/or editor if you can, and are willing to help solve other HTroop issues (such as a few slight animation issues, for example). Thank you and enjoy!


Lets make war games, not war.
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