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Void's Map Patch Kits, GPOs and Strategic Areas
post Apr 14 2013, 07:45 PM
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In this thread I will be posting files I've used to patch up and / or fix maps that I have in my collection. These patches change or revamp game play by fixing things such as "everything is neighbored to everything else" maps, fixing junk such as "spawns of death" ( bots spawning off of the navmesh ), or otherwise correcting elements of the map that I found irritating.

Unless otherwise noted, I am not going to post complete maps, only fixes for maps.

BF2 sf 64 maps
( Devil's Perch, Iron Gator, Mass Destruction, Warlord ) - Bf2SF64 v2.31

Problem: Two-way neighbors to uncaps. Not limited to 64 player size, there were some 32s in there also

Fix: Un-neighbored the uncaps

Download Patch Kit


Problem: Team 2 starts on an aircraft carrier that isn't navmeshed, resulting in repetitive bot mass suicide.

Fix: Deleted all bot spawns from carrier, added transport helis and attack helis to carrier, then added spawns on carrier that throw the bots into transport and attack helicopters. Also added sp3-64 mode (clone of coop 64 mode).

Download Patch Kit

Revenge in elTaskim

This is the full map.

Problem: Combat area too small...bots kept walking to their deaths. Bottleneck in map created constant stalemate.

Fix: Enlarged the combat area and redid everything in terms of CPs and game play objects. Also introduced system of mod detection; this map can tell if it is running under AIX2 or Special Forces and will adjust the teams, soldiers, and gameplay objects accordingly when it loads.

Download Map

PoE:2 Map Patch kit

Problem: All maps with bot support had two-way neighbors to unconquerable flags.

Fix: Corrected the neighboring

Notes: Everything is organized by level and GameMode; but these are strategic area fixes only. With most archive managers you can simply open the map's server.zip and drag and drop the 'GameModes' folder from the patch kit into it and the archive manager will merge the files.

Don't overwrite or delete the old GameMode folder entirely. If you do I am not to blame.

Download Patch Kit

PoE 2 Fan Map Pack Correction

These are full maps. There were two map packs I used; poe2 mapack versions 1 and 2. Created because the installers wouldn't run on my system. Also includes the maps Woodland and Deliverance with bot support. Credits for those maps:

Navmeshed by Spyker2041, Deliverance map by Jaws.

Problems: Two-way neighbors to unconquerable flags. One map had navmesh but no strategic areas defined. All maps from the map packs included a 'GTSData' folder (unneeded ; waste of space).

Fix: Ripped the content from the buggy installers, removed the unneeded files from the archives, adjusted strategic areas and neighboring, repacked into a self-extracting Rar archive.

Download PoE 2 Corrected Map Pack

Point of Existence: No Man's Land

Problems: Two way neighbor to unconquerable flag, defenders at round start just sat around.

Fix: Fixed the neighboring and added a round-start defense strategy for the team defending the trenches.

This is the full map

Download PoE:2 No Man's Land


Problems: It was boring; no coop mode.

Fix: made a new flag and object spawner layout and added a coop mode. My changes are in the 32 player layers; I left the original sp1-16 layer intact.

This is the full map

Download Jihad Owaryoo

Eve of Destruction: Mao Valley

Problems: Two way neighbor to unconquerable flag, "everything neighbored to everything else syndrome", Spawns too close to flags.

Fix: re-neighbored everything and tweaked some spawn points.

Download server zip Here

Or download full map Here

Operation Rage

Full Map

This is "Operation Road Rage" re-worked, the changes are in sp/coop 32 player mode. I have emphasized air assets, removed the center flag, and otherwise tweaked (improved ?) game play. I renamed it 'Operation Rage' so you can keep your copy of the original.

Download Operation Rage

IF you are not running patch 1.5 and IF you do not have the expansion packs installed and IF you are not mounting the "booster" server / client zips in your mod, you can still run this map by downloading the content linked to below:

Download Renamed Booster Content

Extract the rar into the directory of your mod and my map will find the files and load them.

Let me make this clear: If you are playing in 1.41 without the expansion packs installed, then the game will crash if you have the booster archives mounted and load a renamed DICE booster pack map. It will crash while loading to be specific. If you rename the booster zips then it won't. That is all I have done above, and set the map to look for those files and mount them if they are there.

If you already have the booster_client and booster_server zips on your hdd but need the content to play this map, just copy and rename them as 'bst_c.zip' (for the client one) and 'bst_s.zip' for the server archive. Put them in the main mod folder.

Update 10/8/13 - The initial release contains a minor bug. It has been corrected. If you have already downloaded it you may download a new server zip that contains the fix: here

Operation Hastings

This is the full map. It is not an Eve of Destruction map, it was made for regular BF2

Problems: Too numerous to mention.

Fix: Reconstructed and re-neighbored the strategic areas, deleted or repositioned many spawns, many other things.

Download Here

I added a 32 player mode with two extra flags mostly to prevent excess running between the stock flags. The changes are in 32 player mode. Also added some USMC blackhawks to both 32 and 64. Download is an \info folder and an updated server zip.

Download new files Here

Operation Compton

This is the full map

Problem: Neighbors to unconquerable flag, lethargic defenders.

Fix: Adjusted SA neighboring and wrote a custom defense strategy for Team 2.

Download Here

Still Town

This is the full map

Problems: Strategic areas neighbored backwards, control points outside of navmesh

Fix: new layouts for 16 and 32 player game modes (SP & COOP) Also added a 64.

Download AIX version

Download Vanilla version

Mass Invasion

This is the full map

This is my rework of the SF map "Mass Destruction". Special Forces is required to run this map. Many big changes with an emphasis on armor assets.

See This Post for full details on all the changes.

Download "Mass Invasion"[size="2"][/size]

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Do what you want, just don't do it around me.

All my moddb stuff: http://www.moddb.com/mods/esai-enhanced-st...c-ai/downloads/
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post Feb 16 2017, 05:23 PM
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You know the drill...
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QUOTE (Void @ Feb 15 2017, 02:57 PM) *
Guys I have got a ton of stuff backed up and it"s only partially organized. 6 years worth of files....I'm gonna probably have to make a moddb page titled "Void's Random Crap".

Definitely something worth perusing.

The real question here is do we have any other surviving material that was formerly hosted by BFSP ? If so we need to archive it and also put it up on moddb. Maybe have a "BFSP Repository" moddb page.

Any thoughts on this?

Maybe add to the file section of the BFSP group page?


Above all, keep it simple. I wouldn't overthink it or overwork it, just making the content available is the main thing.

Wouldn't want content missed by BF2 fans who fail to check the BFSP group section. uhm.gif Hm. Which would be best?

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post Feb 16 2017, 07:43 PM
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CinC (for now)
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If you could upload the rest of your stuff on your MODDB page, that would be great!

I am setting up a tutorial wikia:

I plan to add your tutorial on strategies.

As far as the file postings to MODDB, It seems that BFSP is a mismatched collection of files. Its better to have the files with their own page. At least it makes it easier to find.

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post Feb 19 2017, 04:16 PM
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CinC (for now)
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I posted your strategy guide to the Wikia:


Filefront is now open again. Now that it is owned by MODDB, it should be a good option for file uploading.

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post Feb 19 2017, 04:56 PM
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QUOTE (Dnamro @ Feb 19 2017, 05:16 PM) *
Filefront is now open again. Now that it is owned by MODDB, it should be a good option for file uploading.

That's good news. bigthumb.gif
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