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Forum Rules

The Battlefield Singleplayer Forums are for everyone to enjoy and to post in.

All users here are required to read and understand this document to the best of their abilities. Any users who are unclear of a rule stated or don't understand how the rule may be applied, they should consult a forum moderator as soon as possible for them to do so, in order to alleviate any confusion and possible infractions of the rules.

Moderators reserve the right to edit/close/delete topics/posts as they see fit in order to enforce the rules.

Moderators reserve the right to interpret the rules contained herein in any manner they see fit or as the situation(s) allowed dictate. If you have questions or comments as to a moderators judgment or interpretation, speak with the moderator who applied judgment to the topic/post/thread in question.

[ Forum Rules ]

- Respect the opinions of others, your opinion isn't the only opinion that can exist in this world. Don't force your opinion into other ones beliefs (religious, political or otherwise).

- If you decide to reply to a thread, make certain not to drag the conversation off-topic.

- If you feel a someone is doing something wrong do not bother to post about it. Direct the post/thread/downloadable content to a moderator and it will be handled.

- DO NOT bring personal vendettas into BFSP. If you have a problem with a particular someone, a particular group, or website email/PM *them* and leave BFSP out of it!

- Flaming and general hostility in the forums will not be tolerated. You will be warned, and if warnings ignored you will be banned.

- Watch your language. Restrict yourself to not using vulgarity in thread titles or excessive usages of vulgarity. ANY type of vulgar word directed to someone will be considered HOSTILITY and will earn you a warning or ban. Its a simple fact that using vulgarity in forums is commonly misinterpreted and leads to flame wars, lets try to avoid that.

- Do NOT start a thread asking why a moderator edited/deleted/moved your post/thread. If you have any questions send a private message to a moderator.

- Do NOT discuss any prohibited content on these forums.

- Disrespectful bad attitudes toward Admin/Staff and or Forum rules will get you banned. The purpose of the Staff/Forum Rules is to keep a respectable/healthy/fun atmosphere for everyone at BFSP, troublemakers who stir up problems are not welcome here.

[ Prohibited Content ]

- Pornography or any sexually explicit material. Breaking this rule will result in an instant permanent ban.
- Illegal Files (music, software, NoCD Cracks, keygenerators and the like).
- Post or promote speech or material that demeans or discriminates someone based on their: race, religion, sexual orientation/preference.
- Spam, scams, commercial messages, or advertisements for websites without relevance to Battlefield Singleplayer.
- Chain Letters are any posts that asks others to continue the chain, but sending the message out by email or by reposting or posting to other boards. Its a huge waste of time and server space.

NOTE: Any expansion/booster pack (Road to Rome, Secret Weapons, Special Forces, etc.) content in a mod or map requires those packs be installed on the clients PC prior to downloading, and the topic poster must state this requirement. Any mod, map, or other add-on found to be "giving content away for free" will be removed and the topic poster censured appropriately.

[ Additional Rules ]

* Post count, length of time on the forums, or any other means of measurement does not absolve you of responsibility. If anything, we expect long-term members to behave more maturely, and help make this forum a great place for discussion amongst gamers!

* If a member is banned do not allow him to use your account, or make posts for him! There's a reason users are banned, being an accomplice to banned members will result in the suspension of your own account, so don't risk it!

* There's no need to post in someone's topic saying "this will be closed soon!" or "why did you write this?" or demanding that the moderators close the topic or ban the member. However, if someone is being exceedingly disruptive, feel free to bring it to a moderator's attention (via private message or email).

* You do not have the right to insult/attack/etc someone for any reason (new to the boards, oldschool member who should be able to "take it", you just feel like it, etc...)

* People are going to ask questions that have already been asked, bring up topics that have already been discussed, and so forth. These things happen. If you're not interested in the topic at hand, simply don't post!

* Try to stay on topic we'd prefer you avoid making random, off-topic posts for no reason. Posting "I like chicken!" to a discussion about Battlefield Vietnam Tactics isn't funny, creative, or original.

* Spam posting congests/confuses the forums and is considered taboo here at BFSP. Do not double or triple post after you post, if you need to add more to your post, use the "EDIT" button located on the upper right hand corner of your post. Double or triple posting is only acceptable when

. adding a new download (updated download) to a previously posted one
. adding multiple pictures
. bumping an old topic of interest

If the topic is bumped twice with no additional replies within 2 weeks then no one is interested and let the topic die.

* Do not create new threads on a topic that already exists. This is thread spamming and makes a pointless mess of the forums. Make a reply in the existing thread.

[ Disclaimer ]

Battlefield Singleplayer reserves the right to modify it's rules without prior notification. You alone are responsible for understanding, following and keeping yourself up-to-date with the rules.

By using these forums you acknowledge that you have read the above rules and agree to them. Battlefield Singleplayer reserves the right to terminate your access to this site at any time for a violation of these rules without your prior knowledge or consent.

To All Members
The time has come for us to implement some new rules around here, they take effect immediately.

BFSP has always been about being able to freely give your opinions, and you are welcome to do so. Be sure to do so in a respectable and tactful manner to other members of the site. We want to have a grief free and fun atmosphere here, an escape from the trials and humdrum of the real world, lets keep it that way.

Sig Image Sizes
Keep them to a minimum. Not everyone has DSL or Cable and keep this in mind.

Thanks, and have fun!

But that's censorship! Censorship, I say!

No, it's not. This is our forum and we have the right to make the rules. Feel free to say whatever you like on your own boards or on your own Web site.

Last but not least. If you have an inquiry to the BFSP Team, please read the following before you contact a BFSP Team member directly:

  • If you want to report a user or a post, please use the report flags in the forums.
  • Questions regarding modding, mapping, or any topics regarding games must be asked in the forums.
  • If you have a technical question regarding the website or the forums, please contact TNE26, cajunwolf or FourCentsShy.
  • Questions regarding our handling of your data, or questions regarding registration, must be directed to TNE26.
  • Any other requests must be directed to TNE26 or cajunwolf.

It is possible to contact the staff through the form on the contact page.

Thanks for your cooperation!

The BFSP staff.
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