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MasterChiefRulZ Content Thread, Camos, Reskins, Sound files
post Jan 24 2013, 06:13 PM
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You know the drill...
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Version 2.0 of Bobthedino's AVA CZ 805 Bren export featuring updated skin, tweaks, and Titanfall 2 & InfiniteWarfare Inspired skins... Check it out bruh.

Reuploaded BFSOLO's Chrome M9 and debuting my colossal AIX 2.0 Bonus pack... See previews and Download over here!!

Version 2.0 of Lt.Nomad's M249 mesh hack, now also featuring M.Combat's akimbo m249 animation!!! 3 revised skins and 3 brand new skins completely interchangeable! Preview and find Download link here.

Bobthedinosaur's Sar21 gets a new lease on life. Check it out preview and link over here!!

Revamped Develop13's Mk22 release with new texture exports and tweaks! Check it out right over here!!

I've fixed and revamped M.Combat's Desert Eagle release and threw in the MW3 Desert Eagle in one neat package, now available!! Check it out here!

Call of Duty Black Ops 1 Famas Pack and CoD Black Ops II M8A1 Pack released! Get 'em over here!!!

Spetsnaz Texture Pack Released!! Featuring multiple new camos and glove sets for Russian Spetsnaz. Preview and Download here!!

MW2 M16a4 Pack ready for download.... Check it out!

Posted some old stuff and some new stuff at Gamebanana. Biggest point would be the HD remakes of camos for MW2 Intervention with some additional bells and whistles vs the old release. Links to Previews and Downloads right here.

Reworked M.Combat's Kac Chainsaw animation release. Preview and Download links are right here!

Released some old community favorites from years ago (now with some MCR tweaks/Edits). A Vltor SBR and AK Sopmod courtesy of the fine people of the CS:S modding community.

AVA XCR PACK with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare inspired Camos, new firing sounds, and newly fitted animations. Preview and Download links HERE.

HOMEFRONT Tribute Pack released featuring models, sounds and textures from the game Homefront, as well as my brand new custom Woodland Marpat retexture for the USMC. Preview and Download Links here.

AVA Weapons pack re-release featuring the revised versions of some of bobthedinosaur's exports. Newly edited versions of the AVA Auto 9, Kel-Tek RFB, and AK12 are now available right here.

FINAL VERSIONS OF BF4 GLOVE AND DESERT MULTI-CAM SOLDIER TEXTURE PACKS released!! Check out the Previews and Download Link here!

BFSOLO MAC11 Pack released! Features the MAC11 from the old French BF2 modding site BFSOLO updated with new sounds, skins, and animations. Preview and Download HERE.

Modern Warfare 2 US ARMY RANGER Glove Recreation Version 2.0 now released. Updated with additional details, new OS, and misc tweaks. Preview and Links HERE.

CounterStrike: Global Offensive Skinpack for the BF2 L96a1 released! Includes meshhack variants of the L96a1 by Lt. Nomad, coupled with custom animations by 7game. My work in this pack features 3 imitation skins from CS:GO popularly known as Asiimov, Redline, and Lightning Strike! Preview and Download Link is HERE.

AIX Magpul Masada Personalization Pack released! Features 3 reskins, custom firing and reload sounds, and custom hybrid animation set. Preview and Download here.

P4Free Auga3 Customization pack released! Featuring skins and sounds inspired by the game Call of Duty: Black Ops. Preview and Download the pack RIGHT HERE.

Lt. Nomad's and MasterChiefRulZ's BF2 M9 Tactical Rails Pack Released! Featuring BF2's M9 meshhacked to the style of the Call of Duty Ghosts M9a1, custom menu icons, custom reskins, and packaged with animations by Develop13. Preview and Download HERE!

AK12 Personalization Pack Released! Featuring content for M.Combat's AK12 CoD:G Animation release: this pack contains an enhanced version of the default texture, 4 custom skins, custom ingame weapon icon, and CoD:Ghosts AK12 reload sounds! Preview and Download here!

China Type 95 Skin Pack ready for download! Features 2 skins inspired by actual China army camo patterns, and 1 based on the game Homefront! Preview and Download the pack HERE!

HoneyBadger Skin Pack now available! Featuring skins inspired by Battlefield4, Call of Duty:Ghosts, and Medal of Honor:Warfighter! Preview and Download here!

Black Ops II skin/sound pack for the P4Free Remington 870 shotgun. Preview and Download Here!

AIX Milkor MGL Skin Pack featuring 3 new skins. Wartorn Desert Army Vector pattern, CoD:G Inferno, and CoD:G Bodycount. Preview skins here.

Black Ops II themed skin pack released for the P4Free XM8! Preview and Download right here!

LSAT Camo Pack released! Featuring skin replicas of Call of Duty:Ghosts Scale and Net, and BattleField4 Blue Tiger! Preview and download the pack right here!

Custom M4RIS Two pack released including MasterChiefRulZ's TEN CAMO PACK! Preview and DL links right here!

UPDATED Crysis 2 SCAR with small bugfixes and new ACOG variant. Preview and Download right over here.

Newly updated textures and features for Tailer76's Oakley Gloves Ver2. Preview and download right here!

New BF2 M95 camo pack released, featuring 5 skins and special mesh hacks by Lt. Nomad! Preview and Download here.

Five Camo Pack for M.Combat's Mk23 Akimbo animation! BF4 FlecktarnWoodland, Hexatal concept, Black Ops2 Party Rock, Viper, and Cyborg. Preview and DL link here.

In the spirit of the season a new MP7 Christmas themed skin is now available. Preview is right here.

Brand new BF2 Jackhammer Camo pack! Check out the previews right here!

Whoops! Forgot to mention a new Camo pack release for the AIX Miniguns. Preview for the pack right here.

MCR's BF2 Sound/Camo Customization Pack released! Preview over here.

Lt. Nomad's Striker 12 w/ Scope gets a new camo. Find the new camo right here.

ARX160 Customization Pack released! Find it HERE.

Small update to tailer76 USMC Oakley gloves. Click here.

UMP45 Customization Pack released! Find it right here!

Did some recolor/camo of the Default BF2 MP7, using one of JONES' Alpha Project textures as a base. Thanks to JONES for allowing me to use his texture work for my camos. smile.gif I call these "Black and Blue," "MW3 Snake Camo," and a heavily edited MW3 Snake Camo I call "Red Venom."

Black and Blue

MW3 Snake Camo

Red Venom Camo

Thank you.

You can contact JONES here.

Download JONES MP7 Camo pack by MCR HERE.

New Battlefield 2 Bizon/PP19 Camo pack! Comes with MW3 style Multi-Cam plus 2 camos I picked out of the 100 free camo patterns thread. The camos I picked were #19 and #65 which I call "Dark Ribbon" and "Cherry Cheesecake." tongue.gif Slight bugs when aiming down sights and overall quality might not be the best, but hey I like 'em and I figure someone else might too.

MW3 Multicam

Cherry Cheesecake

Dark Ribbon

Gamebanana Download LINK

This is my first foray into skinning/retexturing. After much tinkering with Gimp, pestering BF2 community pros, and slamming my head against the walls, here is my Hard Time Coyote Glove for the MEC faction. Thanks to Bubbles for allowing me to release this glove set with his MEC digital camo he did. If you want the digital camo with just regular MEC gloves, visit Bubbles' content release thread and download away.

BFSP Download Link

MW3 Digital Urban camo

M4Sopmod port by M.Combat.

Preview and download the camo at my website.

Or Download here

M.Combat's AA12 with MW2 Fall camo.

Preview and download my camo at my website.

Or Download here.

Enemy Sniper Weapon Icon Pack

Enemy Sniper Weapon Icon Pack (link by Dicky Arya)

Created some weapon icons for Enemy Sniper's weapon releases that didn't have proper weapon select icons, thought I'd share. Note that the white spaces and funny yellow trace isn't in the icons, that's just from where I was taking the pics for this upload.

Edited texture for Makarov found in Close Quarters Battle Mod. Thought the original looked somewhat pale, so I darkened the skin did a few minor edits and resaved in a slightly different method. Results below.

Preview & download at my website.

or just Download here.

Retexture of the Magpul PDR. Gun can be downloaded over here.

My retexture can be downloaded at my website.

or Download Here.

Next up is a Camo skin for M.Combat's Akimbo Kiparis featuring Black Ops' Nevada Camo. Download also features new custom firing sounds.

Preview & download the Nevada Camo at my website.

Or Download Here.

And I also have a reskin of M.Combat's Akimbo G18s. Replacing the default grey skin is a MW2 olive drab green. Download also features new custom firing sounds.

Preview & download the new skin at my website.

Or Download Here.

Collaborative Release!

M.Combat has released his BO PM63 Akimbo set featuring two custom skins done by yours truly. Check it out! smile.gif

M.Combat's Animation Thread

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post Jul 15 2017, 10:22 AM
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Reuploaded BFSOLO's M9 Chrome.

Gamebanana Linkage

And presenting the largest skin pack I've ever done. For AIX 2.0 weapons, also includes a ton of other stuff. Full previews at Gamebanana...

---------------MCR's AIX Personalization Bonus Pack-----------------


Beanvee (M.Combat) = New Animations/Mesh Hacks

a-10FreAK = AIX M14 Reskins

Chad509 = SIG552 animations

MasterChiefRulZ = Weapon and Soldier Arm/Glove Reskins, Textures, Code

Texture Authors & Contributors...

TheObscure, Calpa9907, DICE, -Rusty-, Tounushi, Respawn Entertainment, bgfons, Kampfgruppe0,
Infinity Ward, Visceral Games, Treyarch, Mavrosh, Kaos Studios, Kryptek, freelancah


*a-10FreAK's AIX M14 Retexure Pack featuring 12 Reskins!

*AIX Animator Chad509's custom Sig552 animation!

*Brandon Beanvee's (M.Combat) Akimbo AIX Milkors now with fixes, custom sounds, and tweaks!

*Beanvee's Aix Reanimation Megapack!

*Beanvee's AIX Glock extended Mag MeshHack!

*Beanvee's never before released AIX Scar MeshHacks!

*MasterChiefRulZ's Custom Glove textures and HD AIX Desert reskin of USMC 1st person arms!

*MasterChiefRulZ's Custom AIX Milkor Variants (Sticky Incendiary ammo, Fast reload Milkor, and Super Milkor)

*MasterChiefRulZ's AIX Weapon Reskins with Classic releases, Newly Updated Skins, and *30 all new Reskins* inspired
by custom artists, real world patterns and popular FPS games!


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post Aug 5 2017, 09:10 PM
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*News Bump*

Version 2.0 of Bobthedino's AVA CZ 805 Bren Export....

Full Preview and Download Link at Gamebanana

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