this is for changing textures to maps you make without having to do it as a mod..
ok ...heres how to change the look of anything in your new map

now you have to extract the textures from mods/bf1942/archives/textures to the c:/ drive and it will make a texture folder in the c:/drive (c:/textures) ok go into your extracted map and in the main folder make a new folder and name it customtextures (with no spaces)

now you have to add this highlighted line into the init.con file in the main folder of your extracted map (shortened for space saving)

rem **** Initialize level specific rendering settings.
ShaderManager.setTextureParam envmap bf1942\levels\endoria\Textures\ENVMAP_G_.rcm
renderer.globalLodPercent 1
renderer.globalAmbientColor 0.100000/0.100000/0.100000
renderer.ambientColor 0.120000/0.110000/0.120000
renderer.diffuseColor 0.350000/0.300000/0.200000
renderer.specularColor 0.300000/0.300000/0.300000
renderer.vertexFogEnable 1
renderer.fogColorVec 0.680000/0.620000/0.550000
renderer.animatedMeshAmbientColor 0.15
textureManager.alternativePath Texture/Russia
texturemanager.alternativepath ../../bf1942/levels/"your map name"/customtextures
shadow.shadowColor 0.550000

now lets say you wanted to redo the white shed,this is how to do it..go to the new texture folder (c:/textures) and copy and paste these files into the customtextures folder in your extracted map

now open these textures in photoshop and do whatever you want to them and save them when any .dds that you put in the customtextures folder will change the look of that object only in that map...