Testing Server side mods

by Taco-Man

How many times have you made a server side mod that works on your computer only to upload it to your server and find out that it doesn't work?

This tutorial will teach you how to test server side mods to see if they actually work without having to upload it to an online server.

I have been doing this since i first started server side modding, believe me it will save you alot of time and you will know right away if your mod works or not. A word of warning before you start though. the way this works is it runs a local server on your computer which will cause some lag, so if your computer is old and can barely run battlefield then chances are the lag will be very bad but it should still serve as a way to at least see if you crash/get disconected. if you have a good computer you will notice a little to no lag.

  1. Go to the EA Games folder on your computer. the default location for this is C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\
  2. go into the Battlefield 1942 folder and find any server side mods you may have done and either delete them or move them somewhere else like your desktop or my documents. THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT!
  3. go back to the EA Games folder and select the Battlefield 1942 folder, push ctrl-c to copy it.
  4. Now push ctrl-v to paste a copy of the Battlefield 1942 folder. This will take a while(usually about 15 minutes or so) so you may want to go grab a coke while you wait.
  5. once it finishes copying the folder rename it to something else like "bf1942ssm tester" so that you know that directory is for testing server side mods. the rest of this tutorial will assume that this is the name you give the folder.
  6. go into your bf1942ssm tester folder and put in any of the server side mods you may have moved out of your battlefield 1942 folder before you copied it. From now on all your server side mods will be put ONLY into the bf1942ssm tester folder, you will NOT put them into your normal Battlefield 1942 folder.
Procedure for testing server side mods
  1. Put your server side mod inside ONLY the bf1942ssm tester folder in the proper folder.
  2. you will need the local ip address of your computer. to obtain this go to the start bar and choose run. type "command" (without the quotes) in the run box.
  3. this should bring up a command prompt, once its loaded type "ipconfig" (without the quotes). it will print some text. one line should be IP Address. write this number down. you will need it for the next few steps. the number should begin with 192.something or 127.something, this number is your local ip address, NOT your "online/internet" ip address.
  4. navigate back to the base of the bf1942ssm tester folder, there should be a file named "DedicatedServer.exe". Run this file and you will see screen with a few options and tabs. Select Local Server radio button on the bottom right corner of the first screen that appears.
  5. Now click the IP Settings tab and uncheck the detect automatically checkbox.
  6. enter the local ip address you got from step 2 into the text box for IP Address.
  7. change the port to 14568
  8. if you did it properly the screen should look very similar to the image below
  9. Now click the Mods / Maps tab and select the mod, game mode and map for the map you want to test and click the add button.
  10. You're almost done, click the Start Server buttom at the bottom right corner of the program.
  11. That will open up a command prompt that will be blank for a little while but then it will have some text in it. If it just blank for about 10 seconds and then disapears i recommend you download the Battlefield 1942 Server Manager from http://www.blackbagops.com/.Put it into your bf1942ssm tester folder and set up a local server using that. just make sure when you set it up to make the port 14568 (otherwise you can have problems joining the server)
  12. now start battlefield from your normal battlefield shorcut and go to the place where you can join local games. click the update button and it will take about 5-10 seconds for your server to show up.
  13. OR you can join the server with a shortcut.if your normal battlefield is installed at "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\" your local ip address is and the mod you are testing is desercombat then the shortcut would look like:
    "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\BF1942.exe" +restart 1 +game DesertCombat +join Server