Removing The Out Of Bounds Areas On A Map

by Silversound

If you want to make the out of bounds area on a map go away, simply load the level into Battlecraft and use the Material editor to remove the "outside of map" texture.

Change it to another material type and save the map as a copy.

Next extract the level .rfa from your new map and copy the "materialmap.raw"

Now pack the MaterialMap.raw into your server-side .rfa and test it out.

While this will not change the in game map, it will remove the boundries.


Here is an example to follow:

01: Open "DC_LostVillage" from the DesertCombat directory in BattleCraft.

02: Save level as copy it "My_DC_LostVillage".

03: Close DesertCombat "DC_LostVillage".

04: Open "My_DC_LostVillage" in BattleCraft.

05: Edit the material map in BattleCraft.

06: Save "My_DC_LostVillage".

07: Open "My_DC_LostVillage" in WinRfa.

08: Browes to "MaterialMap.raw" in "My_DC_LostVillage" in WinRfa.

09: Extract the "MaterialMap.raw" from "My_DC_LostVillage" to your desktop.

10: Pack the "MaterialMap.raw" on your desktop into your Server-Side mod update.rfa for the original "DC_LostVillage".

11: Upload and test.