Paintshop brushes and map painting


ok, so you want to make cool looking runways or tire tracks on your roads. its very easy to do and you can even make your own brushes to make your effects look just the way you want them to. for this tut, i am using photoshop 7 so if your version or opinion differs from mine, then your on your own, lol!

1. ok, start off by opening photoshop 7 (ps7), and click on file/new and make your image size a mere 12x12 pix, small yes, but there is a reason.

2. now pick the "pencil" brush and make your Opacity 100% and your Brush size about 1pix to start with.

3. depending on the "kind" of brush you wish to make, take your pencil and make a pattern on the Transparent 12x12 pix image u created and zoom way up close all the way to it so you can see what you are doing. for example, this is the pattern i would use for an airplane. remember, two main tires and the smaller nose/tail tire.

4. now click on edit/define brush and name your new brush! notice how it shows you a small preview, on the left side, of your new brush, pretty cool aint it! hehe

5. now, by default, the brush the editor will be using will be the one you just created so now you should be seeing the "hollow" outline of your new brush instead of the single pencil you had a second ago.

6. just for grins, click on file/new and make an image that is 800x600 and make this one white so you can see the effects of your new brush. now, when painting your tracks or jeep tire marks or whatever, make sure to use a "texture" that will show up on the surface you are painting. you can use the textures that are in your map by making them "Pattern Stamps". to do this, simply open the texture.bmp, from your texture set, in photoshop. while the texture image is active click on edit/define brush, and name your pattern whatever you wish. now click on the Pattern Stamp Tool and notice at the top middle of ps7 that there is now a square showing a colored pattern. click on the down arrow next to it and scroll all the way down to pick the "Pattern" you just made (it should be the last one at the bottom). now click on the Brush Tool and then the Brushes Tab at the top to scroll down and pick the new brush you made earlier. now when you paint using your new brush, you will be painting with the same texture as you would in the game.

7. you will notice at the top that you have an "Opacity" setting. it goes from 0 - 100, where 100 is the darkest. go ahead and paint a line or two and then turn the opacity down a little and paint a few more lines and notice the difference in how your lines appear as you change your settings. its going to be a matter of preference as to what setting you like to use when painted tracks or tire marks, but i myself like to use an Opacity setting of about 25%.

8. now click on the "Pencil" tool and change it back to "Brush". and pick a size of about 100 "soft" and dbl check to make sure your Opacity setting is still 25% now that you have switched to a brush instead of the pencil.

9. using your Brush that is now 100 +/- (up to you) make a pass or two over the "airplane tracks" you painted. that will give the effect of a "very used" runway.

10. and now viola! you've made a cool looking runway just like EA makes in their "official" maps! that wasnt so hard was it? hehe

i know right off the bat it may not be as good as you like, or you may just exceed all of your own expectations, but with a little practice, you will be a Battlefield Rembrandt in no time at all!