Map Making Tutorial

By Mcshlong

BF1942 maps are stored in the heightmap.raw files found in your levels folder. The format of the data is in the form of unsigned 16 bit integer words. The heightmap width and bredth is variable but allways in the form of 256x256 or 512x512 or in case of cemod 1024x1024.

Of all the tools out there you will find one of 3 types of programs usefull for map editing.

  1. Map generators
  2. Map Editing Software Daylon Leveller (
  3. Object Placement in Map Software 3dsMax and Rexs tools (

Lets get this straight from the very beginning. You either have to buy the Daylon Leveller for $70 or you have to make only 256x256 maps with the leveller demo. Why? Because you must have map editing software. And Leveller is a fully able map editing solution that can convert about any type of heightmap to any other type of heightmap. Its the only game in town when it comes to a real editing solution.

As a result you can use just about any type of map generator to make you a nice map to start out with and Daylon will probably be able to import it no matter what the file format.

You can even go get satellite photographs and use 3dem to make you some maps then import them to the Daylon Leveller and make roads and bases and add a few mountains perhaps. Check out the 3dem website and the terragen website to see what I mean. Now these two and geofrac are map generators. They are not map makers.

So the first thing to do is to got to and download you a few maps or here

The methods vary on how to import you maps into leveller. You can use Terragen to generate you a map, you can use photgraphs or land survey results to start with or you can use geo frac. You can even use photoshop and paint a heightmap and then export it as a .raw file. Any method you use you will end up with a .raw file ready to be made into a BF1942 map.

Heres is some information on how to import, edit and export your heightmaps in leveller

1. Open Daylon Leveller 2.0 and resize your canvas to the size of the map your working on. In CeMod case its 1024 x 1024.

2. Use these setting to import you map.

3.Go to view redition style and select "remove hidden surfaces". Then goto navigate and select move above ground and goto ground.

4. Then learn what a filter is, how to copy and paste, how to smooth and how to level and how to adjust the heights of heightmaps.

5. Then save it with these settings. And your good to go.

Now that you have a map it is time to set it up to be used by BF1942. Now you will need to download yourself a copy of GMax. As you will need it to work with.