FAQ Modding

1. How do I do server side mods?

First, try using the mod wizard int he MDT. This will walk you through how to make a patch for a map you want to mod.

Next, after you made your changes, you'll want to copy the _001.rfa to your server's "mods/desertcombat/archives/bf1942/levels" directory. If your modding plain ole BF, then use your "mods/bf1942/archives/bf1942/levels" directory.

If the server your working on is a linux server, make sure the name of the patch file (for example, el_alamein_001.rfa) is in all lower case.

Reload the map (so you get the map loading screen).

Connect to the server and make sure your changes took effect.

You can also test your maps locally by copying the patch to your local "mods/desertcombat/archives/bf1942/levels" directory, and then starting a local server. However, be carefull because some mods will work this way, but then will cause a client crash when tried on a real server.

2. How did you figure out all these different mods?

Either through the sharing of others on the forum, or through trial and error.

3. What do these _001.rfa, _002.rfa things mean?

Ever rfa is an archive of many config files, graphics, textures, etc... all in one file. If one of these files needs to be modified, then instead of modifying the original rfa of the map, we can make a patch that only has the file we changed.

When you end the map file with an underscore and number, when the map loads, the bf server will first load the original map rfa, and all of the files inside of it. Then, the bf server looks for patches, loading them in turn, from the lowest number to the highest number. When it find files within the patch rfa's that have the same name as files that were in the original rfa, the bf server replaces the old files with the new ones.

For example, the original Berlin map has a berlin.rfa in mods/bf1942/archives/bf1942/levels. When Berlin is loaded, this rfa is opened, and all of the files inside it are loaded. There are also two patches in that same directory, called berlin_000.rfa, and berlin_003.rfa. After loading berlin.rfa, the server sees berlin_000.rfa and looks inside. It finds one file (bf1942\levels\Berlin\Menu\Briefing.dds). This file already existed in the original berlin.rfa, but since there is a patch, the bf server will replace the old Briefing.dds with this new one. The server then opens berlin_003.rfa, and the same process is repeated.

If we were loading Berlin in DesertCombat, not only does the above happen, but then the Berlin.rfa located in "mods/DesertCombat/archives/bf1942/levels" gets loaded next. Anything that exists in this RFA will replace anything that was already loaded from the original bf's berlin.rfa and patches. Then the process of searching for patches is repeated in this folder (search for berlin_000.rfa, etc...)

4. I open up a map rfa, and I can't find a file that I need to edit, where is it?

If your editing a DC version of an original BF map, it's possible that DC didn't make a change to that particular file, and therefore had no need to add it to their rfa. In that case, you'll need to go to the original BF version of the map, and extract the file you need from those rfa's (make sure you get the latest version of the file... start with the highest patch, and work your way back to the original map rfa until you find the file your looking for).

5. What does ObjectTemplate.Active do?

This command is used by the server to set the CullRadiusScale on objects on a per map basis. It basically reopens an object in order to reset the CullRadiusScale of it.

However, this command can also be used to reset other settings, or even to addTemplate objects to other objects on a per map basis as well.

6. Why does my client crash when I try and connect to my modded map?

This can be due to many reasons. Some of the most common are given here:

If using Col. Cruachan's BF1942 RFA Explorer, it's possible that the rfa got currupted when it was packed. If this is the case, it's best to start over with a fresh RFA patch. Be sure to do mods a little at a time, test them, then do a little more. This will prevent hours of ssm'ing flushed down the tubes from a currupted RFA. These type of currupted RFA's normally cause server crashes as well.

Adding an object spawner to ObjectSpawnTemplates.con can cause a client crash. Remember to edit existing ones, and don't add new ones.

Also, adding a controlpoint to ControlPointTemplates.con, or adding a spawnpoint in SoldeierSpawnTemplates.con can cause a client crash. Once again, be sure to edit existing ones, and do not add new ones.

7. Why don't my newly added vehicles appear on the map?

Once again, this can be due to several reasons:

If your testing your mod on a linux server, make sure the patch file is in all lowercase.

Make sure the patch file's name is spelt correctly

Make sure your changes are spelt correctly (one small typo can cause a mod not to work.. double check it carefully). If using object names, make sure the name is correct (F16 is correct, F-16 is not). If unsure, check the reference section of this site, or look in the objects.rfa itself.

Make sure there are no stray lines anywhere that should be rem'ed out.
For example:

---My UBER mod! ---
ObjectTemplate.Active something
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate somethingelse

Would probably cause that piece of code not to work because "---My UBER mod!---" is not a valid command, and it might screw up the next line. Add a rem as follows:

rem ---My UBER mod! ---
ObjectTemplate.Active something
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate somethingelse

If your modded map patch is map_001.rfa (replace "map" with whatever map your modding), make sure there is no higher numbered patches (map_002.rfa, or map_003.rfa, etc...) that might have files that are changing your edited files.

8. I made some changes to a vehicle/weapon, why aren't they taking affect?

Once again, spelling is critical. Make sure there are no typos or cut and paste errors. All it takes is one small one to make nothing work.

First, see the reasons listed above for question 7.

It's also possible that what your attempting just isn't possible via a server side mod. If in doubt, ask in the forums of this site and maybe someone can help you out.

9. How do I add control points?

We don't know yet, but some of us refuse to give up! ;) There are some maps that have left in their controlpoint info in their ControlPointTemplates.con file (for example, stalingrad CTF). If the info is in there, then it can be used. Just add the appropriate lines in the ControlPoints.con to get them back.

10. Why does my newly amphibious vechicle take water damage?

It could be that the floaters are too high (and therefore the vehicle is too low in the water). Try lowering the floaters by a meter.

11. My mod just will not work! What do I do?

All of the mods you'll find on this site should work (they've been tested). If you're trying to apply one of these, and nothing in questions 7 or 8 are helping, then post your problem in the forums. There are alot of folks who have probably been there and done that and are more than willing to help. :D

If your attempting to do something new, see the last answer to question 8 above.

If your trying to add a cool visual effect or sound effect, then it's probably not going to work. The client normally has control over visual and audio things so adding them on the server will do no good. There are rare exceptions (Player Controlled Objects obviously will show for the client, also the flagpole that is attached to a control point will follow the control point if it is moved).

Moving static objects will not visually move them from the client's perspective, but the server will still physically move it, creating an invisible item in the location it was moved to, and a "hologram" (for lack of a better word) of the item in the location it used to be in. So if you move a ladder to some other place, visually, it'll look like it never moved, but you wont be able to climb it (if it was a building you moved, you'll still see it, but you'll walk right through it's walls). The new location of the ladder will be invisible, but if you know where its at, you can still climb it (and if it was a building that was moved, you'll still run into it, and take damage if you run into it in a vehicle!).