Dark Water Fix
by udA & Seletitic

Skill Level: Intermediate

Much people seem to have problems with their water. They think it's to dark and stuff. That's why I've written this Tutorial. Please note that English isn't my first language (dutch is ^_^).

Dark waters can come from 2 things:
1. You didn't checked the box: "Use water in this map" while creating a new map
2. Your water setting aren't proper set. This is pretty hard to do.
What to do with problem 1:
You didn't check the box. In BC you can't change this, so let's do it manually.

- Save your map and exit BC
- Extract Init.con from your map. Your maps are located at: yourbattlefieldmap/mods/[yourmodname]/Archive/bf1942/levels/
- Open up notepad
- With notepad, open up the extracted Init.con
- Search for the following line:
game.assaultTeam 1 (the number after game.assaultTeam can be different)
- After that line, add a blank and then the following:

water.specularEnable 1
water.texLayer1 texture/water07
water.texLayer2 texture/water08
water.normalMap texture/normalMap02
water.scrollDirectionNormalmap -0.700000/-0.700000
water.scrollDirection1 1.000000/0.000000
water.scrollDirection2 0.000000/1.000000
water.specularColor 0.650000/0.550000/0.400000
water.scrollLayer1 0.030000
water.scrollLayer2 0.030000
water.scrollNormalmap 0.010000
water.specularStreakFactor 0.001000
water.tileLayer1 0.500000
water.tileLayer2 0.500000
water.tileNormalmap 0.250000
water.lightDirection -0.300000/0.500000/-0.650000
water.color 1.000000/1.000000/1.000000
water.deepColor 0.431373/0.431373/0.431373
water.waterAlphaDepth 3.000000
water.waterShallowAlpha 0.100000water.texLayer1 texture/water07

- Save Init.con
- Open up BC and your map
- Tools > Add file to archive
- press the button with the 3 dots
- Browse and select Init.con
- Hit Ok
- Open up BC again
- On the right, at the World hierachy, you can now edit the water settings. Are they still to dark? Then follow the solution for problem 2.

What to do with problem 2:

- Extract watershaders.rs from Wake.rfa located at yourbattlefieldmap/mods/bf1942/Archive/bf1942/levels/
- With BC Add watershaders.rs in to your archive (explained at problem 1)
- Test your map and you will notice that your water is very bright. This is because you copied the setting and shaders from Wake Island