BF1942 Mapping Tutorial #1 3dMax

By Gufstason

How to render High Res Land texture maps, with raytraced shadows. Written Using 3dStudio Max 4.2, Adobe Photoshop 7. First off you really need 3Dstudio Max Of course I am sure you already new that. Lets get Mapping..!!!!!


1) You need to get Max set up properly to get the best maps. Examine the pic below.

a) is the main light that will cast the shadows, I will get into the setting more in a few seconds

b) these are filler Omni lights that are tuned down so all they do Is backlight abit so the shadows aren't so strong.


2)select the Main light, and go to the Modify Tab, make sure you select Cast Shadows.


3)Scroll down abit, and you will see the roll out for Object shadows. Make sure it is set to Raytrace. I also edit the Density to around 0.8


4) now you want to select the main Land Mass, Right click and Freeze the selection.


5) select your omni lights, and change the multiplier, to around 0.15 I do test renders at different settings, with shadow maps instead of Raytrace to find the right look for the map. I try to make it so that the darkest spot can still be seen. Without these lights, you will have near pitch black sections, on the opposite side of hills from the Main light.


6)Select all of your objects, and go to the Edit/Object Properties tab.


7)Uncheck the Visible to camera, make sure that Cast shadows is checked.


8)After you get that set up nicely hit OK, and right click the top viewport, and unfreeze All.

9)Go to the Render tab, and select what resolution you want the Picture to be. then scroll the top bar over, and select Blowup, your screen should look similar to this.


10) Now center your map in the Supersized frame like in the Picture Below, and click the "Quick Render" Tab.. (TeaPot by itself)

Resize the Box that comes up, and click "OK"... Make sure that you are using a VIEWPORT, and not a Camera as the cameras seem to keep the res to a lower level.


11) now go drink some Dr. Pepper, have a smoke, and possible a map, because with Raytraced shadows this could take awhile........

Once it is complete you should save the image, to a TGA file 24 Bit, and open it in your favorite image editing software. You will need to flip the image if you are using Photoshop or it will be upsidedown in Game.. If all worked out correctly you should have a nice ner Render With Beautifull Raytraced shadows!!!


This picture is a perspective view showing how the lights are positioned for my Map...


Hope This tutorial has helped if you have any questions, or comments feel free to send me a mail.. And if you see me playing online take it easy on me abit.

thanks to all the folks at the forums for their help when I had no clue. Also thanks to Socketman for the Tut that got me started, and to Perfectionist whos site is a must visit for all your editing needs. Oh and Rexman for the Great tools!!! Hope I didn't forget anyone~!!~