3d Studio Max (Standard Mesh Library/Replace) Rexman's Tools

Tutorial #1 Mesh, Import, Export, Replace, Max Library.

Compiled by Perfectionist aka Mr_Perfect 02/02/03
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This Tutorial will help you convert all your Bounding box`s into Fully visible standardmesh models, which you have imported into Max with Rexman's Tools. Obviously it is very difficult to place and generally design to the concepts of your skills, when you are faced with Geometry that doesn't`t have a Perfect ;) relation to the mesh in question.

All the possible Tools you will need for this can be found in the Downloads section under the Rexman's Category and then used in 3d Studio Max with its standard options available. No extra plugin's or essentials will be needed for this, except to maintain the exact procedure mentioned below in regards to Filenames and Library build, and any other listed variables which can give you negative results. Please take note of all issues below which i will make as clear and as simple as possible.

You will need to Create yourself 2 Libraries, which is the simplest way of using the max Replace function and still being able to have a little control over what you replace in certain times.1=Max Object Library 2=Max Trees Library

How to build your libraries in 3dstudio Max

Using Rexman's tools (installed correctly) you can create a Collision mesh batch process, This will work to import your entire standardmesh directory into one/two .max Libraries,. Then we can continue to use the replace function when all appropriate names are Correctly matched ad renamed to the standard mesh name else you will not be able to replace any mesh which a filename that bares no resemblance to the Max library scene mesh.


Standard Mesh Objects Library 1


Tree Mesh Objects Library 1

In Rexman's Tools, you will find a Treemesh import script (on site and downloads), this will enable you to import all available *.tm Tree Meshes from within the battlefield 1942 Treemesh folder. Once again Don't worry about a bundled mess in your scene as this is just your library winch you will refer to and replace.


Renaming your library for Full mesh visibility

At this stage of the process there is only one problem to be concerned with, that is the Filenames of your two 2 libraries will not exactly match the relevant Script value names for Battlefield 1942, Hence :) we use the Replace function. Rexman provide an easy solution with this with a small extension to his program using the Rename Object function, enabling you to export those filenames in your Level scene to a text file for you to rename and import for your secondary 100% complete library, I will again explain all this below in as simple but effective detail as possible, lots of information available from Rexman's documents within downloaded archives.


Rename your Objects in Scene



Rename your Objects in Scene

**Please note**

Not all Tree meshes import 100% complete, In this case you will have to substitute with your own Tree meshes. This will stay As/Is until any future Sdk, as Rexman`s tools have got us this far which is great, Please do not Email him with Support on this As He will Not provide any updates on future builds unless he Quotes himself.

Thank you Perfectionist

Next Step, Importing Statics ready to replace, Please check the next Tutorial in the Sub-Menu Navigation menu

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