Updated: January 2004

In this tutorial, you will learn how to modify menus for Battlefield: 1942 and Battlefield: Vietnam

Menus for Battlefield: 1942 and Battlefield: Vietnam are a combination of textures, animations and sounds. Menus are defined in binary MemeFile 2.0 files, and stored in the menu.rfa archive file.

- Full installed game of Battlefield: 1942 or Battlefield: Vietnam


Extract the file named "MainLogo" from the main game's menu.rfa archive to the mod's folder.


2. Open up MainLogo from your mod's menu folder with the menu editor.

Now select the first float value under the first ColorEffect item.
Change this float to 1.0 by typing in the edit text box at the top of the menu editor window
Now press Save in the menu editor then QuickPack the mod's menu folder to .rfa



At the game's main opening menu you will see the copyright text is now red in color (make sure to activate the mod).

Further editing of menus is best done by looking at existing menu structures in the editor, best learned by observation.