Debugger tips and tricks by mr loama
ok some handy things I've yet learned with the debugger.

1st tip
run the debugger windowed

if you don't it will CTD by the first error.

how ?
open "VideoDefault.con" with for eg. notepad
renderer.FullScreen 1
renderer.FullScreen 0

file location:

2e tip
how to open the console
once the map is loaded press "²" (on my keyboard, it's the button above the tab key)

3rd tip
mostly you'll see errors pop-up
you'll see the options abort ,retry,ignore
easiest way is to press the key(on the keyboard) A for abort R for retry and I for ignore.

4th tip
you mostly want to choose Retry for the errors.
why? because once you retried one type of error it wont pop back up during the session. If you just ignore you'll keep seeing the same error ervery time it's generated

5th tip
before you start typing in the console pause your game.
when paused the chances that an error pops up are nihil.
when you're typing and an error pops up you'll mostly abort which puts you back where you started, the desktop.

6th tip
IMO the best tip I ever had (thnx fourcentsshy)
in the console you can type the beginning of a command and then press tab.
this will automaticly complete the command
if there are more possibilities it won't auto complete then press tab 2 times and you'll see all the possibilities. this way you can type those very long command quickly and typo-less , and you might even find new usefull commands
3 times tab will show possibilities + the arguments and output for the command
>command argument ->output

7th tip
make a shortcut for the debugger like this
"C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\BF1942_r.exe" +restart 1 +hostServer 1
adding the +restart 1 +hostServer 1 will reload the last server settings you ran
so if you're working on a map, ran it , quit it , changed something ; than you'll just have to click that shortcut and you're map loads up just like that