Useful Links


AchingLaser's Pathing utilities and page about small ones mapping:

Will also need tools to edit DDS files (graphic format of BF1942, pathmaps and others). The Nvidia page has links to the Photoshop DDS plugin as well as a tool to convert between TGA and DDS files (nvDXT)


Legion of the Dragon

Battfield Single Player -- AI Tutorials -

Great tool for comparing files and directories and then merging the changes -- Winmerge.


Fourcents has a new website up with his great AI debuggin tutorials and his genpathtool:
Here is Psycadelic's AI Strategic Area tool. It has a few more features than Lighteye's tool.
New GUI DDS file converter:

ED42 site ... used for creating pathmaps and is the only one that shows you the objects you are pathing around:


Standardmesh models for use with ED42 on Vietnam maps

Here are the updated .samples files for the models that have been converted so far. For those of you new these are used to create ObjectLightmaps for these objects if you are using them in a custom map. Just extract them to the same folder that you have your stock samples files ... Here-

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield Vietnam\StandardMesh