I am restarting this thread here since it was in another thread that got off topic and others might be interested in this. This can be used to control bot use on any vehicle position, but the main idea was to prevent bots from piloting choppers.

It's possible to lock bots out of the pilot seat of a vehicle in the AI\Objects.cons file for the vehicle.

Set the strategicStength lines and the basictemp line to zero:

aiTemplatePlugIn.create Unit Mi24DUnit
aiTemplatePlugIn.equipmentType 1
aiTemplatePlugIn.setStrategicStrength 0 0
aiTemplatePlugIn.setStrategicStrength 1 0

aiTemplate.create Mi24D
aiTemplate.addType ITUnit
aiTemplate.addType ITMobile
aiTemplate.addType ITAir
aiTemplate.basicTemp 0 <<< set basictemp to 0

with a basictemp of 0. That way, the bots simply won't be interested in the pilot's seat at all, but will still jump in all the other seats. Its not 100%, but it sure makes them avoid that postion.

You can even make it more difficult for the bots by creating a custom entry for that postion and setting the entry radius to something much lower then the other postions. I increase the entry radius of the other postions to around 10 - 15.

For example:

>> I would use this entry setting for the pilot

rem *** Mi24DEntry ***
ObjectTemplate.create EntryPoint Mi24DEntry
ObjectTemplate.setEntryRadius 3

>> this is the setting for the other vehicle positions.

rem *** Mi24DPassengerEntry ***
ObjectTemplate.create EntryPoint Mi24DPassengerEntry
ObjectTemplate.setEntryRadius 15