Pathmap Editing Overview

By Dnamro

Ideas and content are the result of many AI (Artificial Intelligence) *** mappers who frequent the Battlefield Single Player forums. Arc D' Wraith wrote a great totorial a few years ago which has helped us all to add bots to maps for the Battlefield games. Battlefield 2 does not use pathmaps so this guide will not be useful for that game. Since Arc D' Wraith first wrote his tutorials, the mod community has developed new tools and found better faster methods of creating pathmaps. The intent is to create a new tutorial that shows how to use those new tools and methods to

This is a offine web guide to path mapping Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam with Editor 42 and BFSP. Its created as an offline guide, because the graphics used are high resolution and can be frustrating to read the guide over the internet.

Overview of the tools that I use:

Editor 42 is a free map editor created by Coincon.

BFSP (Battlefield Single Player Creater Program) is a tool that acts as a windows interface that integrates many tools that previously had to be used seperately requiring multiple steps and were prone to errors frustrating many users. This integrated problem makes it much easier for the novice to learn to add AI to Battfield maps.

Winrfa is included with the official MDT (Mod Development Toolkit) and is used to extract a file into the seperate files that can be edited. It will also pack the map into its playble form.

Packrfa is also included with the MDT and is useful for packing your map so it can be played with compression.

This tutorial will be divided into the following sections:


*** AI or Artificial Inelligence is the code that gives your computer controlled players, commonly called bots.