After you hand edit the pathmap, are you having problems getting the bots to move? If you just tried to add your pathmap without updating all the other pathfinding files that the game uses, the edited pathmap won't work.

First lets understand the pathfinding files by looking at the tank files:

tank.raw -- Waypoint file - (Difficult to hand edit).
tank0level0map.raw - Level 0 tank map
tank0level1map.raw - Level 1 tank map
tank0level2map.raw - Level 2 tank map
tank0level0map8bit.raw - Level 0 tank map (Not needed)
tank0level1map8bit.raw - Level 1 tank map (Not needed)
tank0level2map8bit.raw - Level 2 tank map (Not needed)
tankinfo.raw - Info map - Diffcult to hand edit.

The tank.raw and tankinfo.raw are called the smallones (because of their small size). They are also called the info and waypoint files. They contain important info and waypoint settings for the bots to move around. These files are difficult to hand edit.

The level#8bit files are the files that can be easily edited or viewed with Photoshop, the botinator or another graphic edit program. The level08bit is used by the game engine or another program like genpath to create all the other pathfinding files. The white areas are off limits. The black areas are safe for the bots. The 8bit files take up a lot of file space and can be removed after the other files are created and tested, as they are not used by the game while playing. There are tools available to convert the other maps into a format that can be viewed or edited.

The level#map.raw (game level pathmap files) are used by the game while playing to show the bots where not to go. These are compressed versions of the 8bit level files.

I believe the levels are used based on the level of Detail (LOD) from a player's perspective. At a greater distance, bots use the higher level maps which have less detail. Since at a greater distance or out of sight, bot movement won't be as noticeable, the game engine can focus more CPU power on the bots that are closer. At a distance, more areas will usually be pathed out for the bots and some smaller path will not be available to them, but it won't be noticeable because usually you can't see them take the longer way around. But if you happen to notice a bot in the overhead map out of the normal path, now you know what is going on.

Now once you handedit a pathmap, how do you generate the pathfinding files? You can use a pathmap generating program like genpath. You usually have to make the same edits to the tank maps that you need on the infantry maps, and each one has to be done seperately. Only Secret Weapons uses the car pathfinding maps in BF42, but as Ampibious pathmaps.

There are a few methods that I use to handle this problem.

1. Tweak the searchmap settings in the Aipathfinding.con file and use the game engine to recreate the pathmaps until you get playable pathmaps. Searchmap settings are defined as follows (these are usually in the Aipathfinding files)

searchMap name/ waterHeight/ waterDepth/maxSlope/brush/lowClipLevel/hiClipLevel/
rem considerAITypes/createSecondLayerMap/

MaxSlope can be increased to path hilly areas so bots can travel over rough terrain. Usually you want bots to travel over the smooth roads and avoid the hills, but if the bots have to travel over hills to get to some flags, then the slope setting will need to be increased.

WaterDepth - Do you want bots to be able to swim? Just increase this to 1000 for the infantry pathmap settings and they will swim through water on most maps. If you want bots to drive vehicles across shallow water, then change this to 1.5. This is the water level that bots can wade across water and still shoot, and the safe depth that vehicles can cross without taking damage. This can also be critical for Boat pathmaps on a map with only shallow water, as the debugger might not be able to create the pathmap unless this setting is lowered to work with the shallow water on the map.

BrushSize - This is the detail level that is used by the game engine to create the pathmaps. 1.0 is the default infantry setting. 3.0 is the the average default for vehicles. If you have a pathmap with a lot of detail and large areas are getting pathed out, try to increase it to a lower setting. The problem is that if the setting is too low, for maps with a lot of pathing, the game engine creates streaks which ruins the map. Sometimes to get streak-free maps, this settings has to be set as high as 4.0. I recommend using the debugger to create pathmaps since it can bypass problems so you can get better detailed pathmaps.

considerAITypes - is set to 1 to use the Aimeshes which are structure overlays that show the game how to pathmap objects. This allows bots to cross bridges or move in buildings.

2. Edit the terrain using Battlecraft to create wider, smoother, and lower slopped access areas to flags. You can also create low water crossings to help the bots cross rivers. Then generate new pathmaps based on these settings. Of course this will create problems with the multiplayer game unless the server version has the same changes, so there are some problems with using this method on existing maps.

3. You can create smallones (like the car and carinfo files) with the debugger, just type ai.createAllSearchTypes into the console. This way you can use genpath to create the level maps from your edited 8bit file and get workable smallones.

4. Some vehicle or object files can cause problems with generating pathmaps. You may need to temporarily remove the object spawns from the single player game folder before trying to create pathmaps with the debugger.

5. Handweapon AI problems can prevent the game from running in singleplayer and therefore prevent the debugger from creating pathmaps. This might be a problem for mods that are not fully AI supported. If there is a map that works, then copy the class kits settings from the init.con file in the map. The only other option is to fix the handweapon AI problem

6. Static objects can sometimes cause a problem with generating pathmaps. Removing the staticobjects file can overcome the problem, but then none of the trees and structures will be pathed. Another option is to compare the statics on the problem with other maps that work and look for anything that might stand out. The debugger can help track it down. Remove it and repath, and handedit if necessary