How to use BFSP to convert pathmaps.


If BFSP is not opened then follow Steps 1 & 2, else goto step 3.

Step 1

After starting BFSP program, select File -> Open Map for Editing as such:

Step 2

Then browse to the map folder that you want to work on:

Step 3

Then you will be in the main Edit screeen. This is where you will convert Ed42 textures back into pathmaps:

Step 4

Next, to convert your Ed42 Textures back into pathmaps, in the World Texture (DDS) window browse to the Texture folder where you have been working in ED42.


Step 5

Select the category of pathmap (as infantry, tank, boat, etc. - see #1 in the picture) and then select convert (#2 in the picture).

At the confirmation window, select Accept button if its correct.


You will see a conversion window appear, it will finish, there will be a pause and then another quick conversion window will appear.


After the conversion is completed, you can start over with another pathmap, or pack the map and load the game to test it out.